Graham Bennett sculptures

Graham Bennett Difficult to Swallow


As the overwhelming artist support for the print series has shown artists in New Zealand have long championed environmental causes, and the first significant fundraising effort by the National Whale Centre Trust was the 2012 exhibition Difficult to Swallow at the Diversion Gallery, comprising 267 wall sculptures by renowned Christchurch sculptor Graham Bennett. Based on a Japanese whale meat tin, each signed limited edition work represents a whale killed in the Southern Ocean harvest in the 2011/12 season.

10% of the proceeds from each sculpture sold goes to the National Whale Centre.

If you haven’t thought about making a donation as yet here is an opportunity to own a poignant small work by one of New Zealand’s foremost sculptors, Graham Bennett.

Priced at only $267+GST each – a fraction of the usual price for Graham’s sculptures.

Each sculpture is individually numbered on the back of the lower tin lid, and signed by the artist.

Graham Bennett’s limited edition whale tin sculptures are available from the Diversion Gallery. Please call Barbara Speedy on 027 440 8121 or email if you would like a particular work or group, and be part of the story the artist is telling.