Whales stranded at Farewell Spit back in the water

Volunteers watch as the tide sweeps over the stranded whales at dusk. Photo / Tim Cuff

Volunteers are using two boats to guide the 17 pilot whales stranded at Golden Bay this morning to the rest of the their pod and try to coax them out to deeper waters.

About 200 of the 240 whales that were beached there yesterday refloated themselves at high tide about 11pm. They are now swimming east towards Collingwood.

Volunteers discovered the whales had successfully got back into the water when they went down to the beach to continue their rescue effort at 8am, DoC senior communications adviser Herb Christophers said.

The group were from a different pod to the 416 whales stranded on Thursday night.

Seventeen were still stranded on the beach – 8km further into the bay than where another group were found on Thursday – this morning.

The beach was still packed with hundreds of volunteers this afternoon and DoC staff asked others to stay home because it was so busy.


Text and photo from NZ Herald Feb 12, 2017

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